This family likely originated in England, perhaps in the area of Somerset County.


The earliest known ancestor is Philip Goffe b. ca. 1617 of Wethersfield, CT. His son Jacob was born ca. 1649, according to 1674 probate records for the estate of Philip Goffe. In 1651, Philip Goffe was the first town crier for Wethersfield, Hartford County, CT. He built the first house in the Rocky Hill, CT in 1656. Goff’s Creek, which runs through Rocky Hill and empties into the Connecticut River, is named for him.

Descendants of Squire Goff b. 1815 NY have a brick wall in their paternal lineage, but match the haplotype of Philip Goffe.

Philip Goffe descendants have a YDNA match to three descendants of Henry Cavill b. 1723 Old Cleeve, Somerset, England. The matching levels range from 37 of 37 markers down to 63 of 67 markers. A Cavill researchers identified the town of Watchet in St. Decuman’s Parish in Somerset as a place of interest as Goff and Cavill families lived there in the early 1600s. Watchet is about three miles from Old Cleeve. Somerset County was the area of highest concentration of the Cavill surname in the 1841 England census.


Matching outside of the family surname in haplogroup R-M269 is fraught with risk of coincidental matching since R-M269 is the most frequently occurring haplogroup among men of European descent. The Goff and Cavill families TMRCA is about 14 generations ago, ca. 1550. Big Y 700 testing of a Goff descendant has been completed.


Big Y 700 testing of a Cavill descendant is critical in reconstructing this family tree.