This family likely originated in England.


The first proven reference to this family is William Tettershall’s transport of “Stephen Goffe” to MD in 1664 or 1665. Stephen Gough later married the widow Mary (Tettershall) Jarboe, sister of William Tettershall. Descendants of Stephen Gough of St. Mary’s Co., MD use the Gough spelling and are generally Catholic.

The four Goff brothers first appeared in the known historical record in 1765/66 Loudoun Co., VA. The brothers migrated about ten years later to what is now WV. One brother, Thomas, later moved to KY. Descendants of the four Goff brothers generally use the Goff spelling are typically Protestant.


The precise connection between Stephen Gough and the four Goff brothers of western VA is not known, but YDNA test results prove a connection. Big Y testing of YSNPs points to a common ancestor born ca. 1600.

Parish record research has uncovered what may be a related Goff family in 16th century Norfolk Co., England. Note that this family includes sons named Salathiel (common given name among four Goff brothers) and Benjamin (common given name among Stephen Gough descendants).


Big Y 700 testing of Stephen Gough’s descendants through son James is needed to reconstruct this 17th century family.