This family likely originated in England.


There are three known branches in America. A 1925 manuscript called McEWEN-GOFF Chronicles of Three Pioneer Wm. Co. Tennessee Families, 1798-1925 states that John Goff (1776-1867), son of Thomas (1745-1821) was a nephew of Andrew Goff (1848-1831), asserting Thomas Goff b. 1745 and Andrew Goff b. 1748 were brothers. YDNA hints that John Goff (1740-1796) was a third brother:

  • John Goff was born ca. 1740 in VA and died 1796 in Kentucky. He married Sallie Wood.
  • Thomas Goff was born ca. 1745. Thomas and Andrew Goff were closely related, perhaps brothers: “Andrew Goff, assignee of Thomas Goff…172 ac… on both sides of the north fork of Holston… 1783.” Thomas died 1821.
  • Andrew Goff was born ca. 1748. He migrated in 1798 to Williamson Co., TN, where he died 1831. His family is a subject of McEwen-Goff: Chronicles of Three Pioneer Families of Williamson County, Tennessee, 1798-1925, by Graham (German) Webb b. 1870 and Fred McEwen Goff b. 1878.

Two other families have brick walls, but likely descend from some combination of the above three men:

  • A descendant of Daniel Schroyer (1781 MD – 1865 IL) is a 67/67 YDNA match to a descendant of Thomas Goff b. 1745 VA, pointing to a male Goff fathering a child who took the Schroyer surname, about five generations back.
  • A kit in the defunct Ancestry YDNA product traces to Elisha/Elijah Goff 1772 KY – 1870 MO.


DYS426 appears to mark a branch of the family.


DNA participants are encouraged to take Big Y 700 to sort out branches of this early Goff family.