This family originated in America.


Matching kits are descendants of Malakiah Goff b. ca. 1770/78 and Holly Goff b. ca. 1798 SC. The precise connection between Malakiah Goff of GA and Holly Goff of SC is unknown. As Malakiah is known to have had a son named Holly K. Gaughf, Holly Goff b. 1798 SC is not Malakiah’s son. This points to the connection being at least one generation prior to Malakiah Goff.

  • Male-line descendants of Malakiah Goff (ca. 1770/78 – 1845), through sons Holly K. Gaughf (b. 1818/21) and David Bryant Gaughf (b. ca. 1835) establish the YDNA haplotype. Malakiah Goff first appeared in 1799 in Jefferson Co., GA. He migrated in 1813 to Laurens Co., GA where he lived the remainder of his life. Malakiah’s known children were born ca. 1807-1835, all in GA. Records of Malakiah Goff made during his lifetime usually use the Goff spelling. Records of Malakiah’s son primarily use the Gaughf spelling.
  • A descendant of Holly Goff (b. ca.1798 SC d. ca. 1857-1860 probably Lauderdale Co., MS) is a 63/67 and 34/37 match with the two Malakiah Goff descendants. The Holly Goff descendant is a great-grandson of William Evans Goff b. ca. 1858 MS, who was a son of William E. Goff b. ca. 1829/35 AL. Holly Goff signed William’s 1849 marriage license, giving permission for William to get married. Holly Goff was likely William E. Goff’s father.


This Goff/Gaughf family is in Y-DNA umbrella haplogroup Q-M3. This haplogroup is exclusively found among Native Americans and some Siberian populations.


There are hints that this family may connect to a large Goff family from Edgefield Co., SC. Descendants of that family are encouraged to take a YDNA37 test.