This family may have originated in England.


One YDNA participant with Big Y 700 results descends from Sampson Goff b. 1766/1784 NC d. ca. 1825 Richland Co., SC, through his son William Alexander Goff b. ca. 1804 Richland Co., SC. An autosomal DNA kit at AncestryDNA also descends from William Alexander Goff b. ca. 1804 Richland Co., SC. The YDNA participant and AncestryDNA participant descend from different sons of William Alexander Goff.

Three YDNA participants descend from William Preston Goff 1847 Richland Co., SC – 1912 Kershaw Co., SC, through two of his sons, William Henry Goff b. 1869 SC and John David Goff b. 1874 SC. The precise relationship between Sampson Goff b. 1766/1784 and William Preston Goff b. 1847 is unknown.


Two of the kits have atDNA results, but significant Goff matches are not readily apparent. AncestryDNA reports YSNP R-M405 (AKA R-U106 or R-S21) for those taking an autosomal DNA test.


This genetic family would benefit from a second Big Y 700 testing of some participants to sort out early generations of the family tree and the haplogroup.