The first male in this genetic family to take the Goff surname was likely born in Cayuga Co., NY in the 18th century.


Only one descendant of Frederick Goff b. ca. 1786 NY or VT has taken a YDNA test, but this is enough to conclude that this family started out with a form of the Sudduth, Southard, Southworth, etc. surname. It seems likely that Frederick Goff was born to a Southworth father and Goff mother. He likely was given his mother’s maiden name.


Big Y 700, YDNA111 and atDNA results point to a male child of Southard paternity adopting the Goff surname between five and seven generations ago. The Goff DNA test taker counts five generations back to Frederick Goff.

Frederick Goff was born ca. 1786 in NY, likely in Cayuga County. He appears in the 1820 and 1830 Cayuga Co., NY censuses. Samuel Southworth, ancestor of 36/37 match, was also in Cayuga Co., NY, where he died in 1812.

The Southworth family of Cayuga Co., NY is a branch of the extended Sudduth/Southard/Southworth family.


It is important to encourage the Samuel Southworth descendant to upgrade to Big Y 700 or YDNA111 in order to sharpen the estimate of the time to most recent common ancestor.