This family originated in America, most likely in Wake Co., NC.


YDNA has supplied a potential link to the English origins of the Barlow family, a branch of which later took the Gawf/Goff surname.  A descendant of James Clarkson b. 1828 Kirkham, Lancashire matches with Barlow and Goff members of this family.  This connection, likely dating to the 17th century or earlier, needs further research and is being pursued.

Edmond Gawf (b. ca. 1794 NC), Henry Goff (b. ca. 1809 NC) and Louis Goff (b. 1811 NC) were in Henderson Co., TN by 1830-1840. Descendants of each family have stories that their ancestor was born a Barlow and took the name Goff. YDNA testing on two male-line descendants of each of Edmond Gawf, Henry Goff and Louis Goff confirmed a shared paternal lineage.

Goff descendants also had strong YDNA matches with descendants of William Henry Barlow (b. ca. 1828 NC), John Barlow (b. ca 1784/95 NC/VA), Alfred Hirton Barlow (b. ca 1813 NC), John Barlow (b. ca. 1781 VA) and the Isle of Wight, VA Barlow family. This points to descendants of Edmond Gawf, Henry Goff and Louis Goff sharing a paternal ancestor with the Barlow family no earlier than ca. 1750.

A descendant of Ellison Goff b. 1798 NC is a strong match to the other Goff and the Barlow YDNA participants. Prior to the discovery of this match, Sterling and Ellison Goff/Gawf of Wake and Montgomery Counties, NC were noted as possible relatives of the Goff/Gawf family of TN. This points to the Barlow male who took the Goff surname being at least one generation prior to Ellison Goff b. 1798 NC.


Rodica (Goff) Stanfill (b. ca. 1807/12 NC) and Matilda Carpenter (b. ca. 1806/10 NC) are circumstantially linked to Edmond Gawf, Henry Goff and Louis Goff. Rodica (Goff) Stanfill lived near the Edmond Gawf and Louis Goff families in TN. Her maiden name was given as Rhodie Goff on the 1922 death certificate of a son. Matilda, wife of Robert Carpenter, lived near Edmond Gawf’s family for at least 40 years, first in Henderson Co., TN and later in Sharp Co., AR. Matilda Carpenter named two of her children Rhodica and Edmond. Results of atDNA testing points to Edmond, Henry, Lewis, Matilda, and likely Rhodica, being siblings.


Goff and Barlow descendants should take Big Y 700 to sort out the precise connection between the families.