This family originated in England, likely near Hampshire County and London.


A male Goffe descendant of James Goffe b. ca. 1794 Basing, Hampshire, England and Jane Rumbel b. ca. 1801 Basing, Hampshire, has taken a YDNA111 test. While there are no meaningful YDNA matches, the participant has also taken an autosomal DNA (“atDNA”) test. Descendants of three sons of James Goffe b. ca. 1794 have triangulated or in-common-with matching to each other. The three sons and descendants are:

  • William Goffe b. ca. 1827 Hampshire via two of his children, Ann M. Goff b. 1850 and William b. 1855: represented by four descendants at AncestryDNA.
  • Thomas Goffe b. ca. 1834 Hampshire: the YDNA111 participant
  • Matthew Goffe b. 1837 Hampshire: represented by two descendants who tested at MyHeritage.

The above AncestryDNA kits also match in-common-with a descendant of Charles Goff (1825 London, England -1845 New South Wales), son of Charles Goffee b. 1793 London and Elizabeth Bullock b. 1793 London. Without further matching kits, the possibility remains that this match is through other than the Goffe lineage.


Baptismal records support that James Goffe b. ca. 1794 Basing, Hampshire was a son of Matthew and Anne Goffe of Old Basing, Hampshire. Although this couple had a son named Charles John Goffe b. ca. 1788 Old Basing, Hampshire, this is a different man than Charles Goffee b. 1793 Shoreditch, London, England. Therefore, the connection is at least one generation prior to Matthew Goffe of Old Basing, England.


The atDNA matching among descendants of James Goffe b. ca. 1794 proves shared descent, but does not establish or confirm the YDNA haplogroup R-M269. A male line Goffe descendant of either James Goffe b. ca. 1794 or Charles Goffee b. ca. 1793 should take a YDNA test to establish the YDNA signature of this Goffe family.