This family originated in Ireland.


Three families of shallow depth lineages comprise this tentative genetic family:

  • Matthew McGough b. 1831 Ireland d. 1911 Jefferson Co., AL
  • James McGough b. 1790 Killanny, County Monaghan, Ireland. Traces through his son Hugh McGough, who was born 1817 and died 1884 1884 Erie County, Ohio.
  • Francis McGeogh b. 1817 Magheross, Carrickmacross, County Monaghan, Ireland d. 1881 Glasgow, Scotland. This descendant uses the Gough spelling.


YDNA111 matching among the three kits is 103/111, 102/111 and 100/111, with the Francis McGeogh and Matthew McGough descendants having the lowest matching with each other. The matches likely date to the 14th century. However, Ireland was one of the first European counties to adopt hereditary surnames, with many families having acquired theirs by the 11th century.

Two of the participants are in the same YSNP path, offering some comfort that at least these two kits are from the same genetic family: R-M269>R-L23>R-L51>R-P310>R-P312>R-L21>R-DF49>R-M222>R-FGC4077>R-A725>R-S676>R-S679

The descendant of Matthew McGough has R-A725 and has not tested any further downstream YSNPs. The descendant of Francis McGeogh has taken the Big Y 700 test and has a terminal SYNP of R-S679, which is downstream of R-A725. YFull estimates that both of these YSNPs formed approximately 1,750 years ago.


It would advance the research if the other two participants took the Big Y 700 test.