The family is first identified in NC. While there are only three men named Goff who match each other, neither are there significant matches with other surnames. On this basis, the presumption is that this family originated in England.


There are three Goff YDNA participants with 67, 34 and 25 overlapping markers. All three are perfect matches to each other. One of these men (34 markers) is descended from James E. Goff 1805 NC-1853 IN. The second kit has a name, but no family tree. The third kit is titled as “Goff,” does not belong to the FTDNA Goff/Gough Project, has no contact information and is lacking a family tree. The first participant does not recognize the name of the second participant as a close relative. As such, the match is likely to be at least three generations back.


Being in haplogroup R-M269, it is unexpected that the 2nd participant has no matches with Goff or any other surname at 67 or 37 markers.


The lack of matches at 37 and 67 markers hints that there may be a multi-step mutation in this kit’s haplotype. Upgrading to the Big Y 700 test would overcome this impediment to matching.