This family may have originated in England.


Three YDNA participants trace to William Goff b. ca. 1830 KY who married Melissa A. b. ca. 1830/36 AR. They were likely married by ca. 1854, based on the presence of six-year-old Sarah E. Goff in their household in the 1860 Federal Census for Pulaski Co., AR. Also in the household were three other children ages three to eight and James F. Goff, age 22, born in AR, presumably brother to William Goff. The three YDNA test participants descend from two sons of William and Melissa A. Goff: Robert Calvin Goff b. 1854 AR and Jesse Goff b. 1859 AR.

Melissa A. Goff, a widow, is the head of the household in the 1870 Federal Census for Van Buren Co., AR. The four children from the 1860 census are present, plus two others, ages eight and two. Presumably, William Goff died ca. 1868/70.

William Goff (age 20), along with brother James (age 12) appear in the Samuel and Mary Goff household in the 1850 Federal Census for Van Buren Co., AR. Based on the location of the family in census records and birth locations of their presumed children, Samuel Goff relocated from Calloway Co., KY to Van Buren Co., AR ca. 1838.


Haplogroup R-M269 is found among more men of European descent than any other YDNA haplogroup. Finding a more relevant recent YSNP for this family will help in finding further matching kits, whether through a YSTR test or YSNPs extracted from an atDNA test.


This family would benefit from expanded testing from YDNA25 and YDNA37 to YDNA111, or Big Y 700 to sort of the haplogroup and early family structure.