This family may have originated in England.


There are two family groups that form this genetic family, but their precise connection has not yet been determined:

·        Descendant of John Goffe b. 1649 England d. 1716 MA, US

·        Descendant of Delford C. Goff b. 1833 PA. Delford Goff was living with the Tickner family in Jackson Co., OH in 1850. Clark and Mary Tickner were from NY and Canada, respectively. Delford was married in Jackson Co., OH in 1863. Delford’s 1917 death certificate in MO says that his father was Archie Goff b. NY and Elvira Townsen b. PA. This couple has not been identified in any original source document.


The two branches of this family match on 66 of 67 markers, proving they are from the same genetic Goff family. Further paper trail research on Delford C. Goff is required to sort of the connection.


As with many Goff/Gough genetic families, the best chance to extend the lineage is through encouragement of Gough/Goff males in GB to take a YDNA37 test.