This Goff family originated in the border area of WV and MD in the United States.


Two Goff males trace their lineage to Preston Co., WV, with a paper trail or family tradition that they descend in their paternal lineages from James Goff b. 1735 of the four Goff Brothers of western VA. See the 17c GOUGH/GOFF (US-MD-STM/US-VA-LOU) I-Y6902 family above. However, their YDNA results match the Friend family and not the Goff family. Their ancestors are:

  • George W. Goff 1834 Preston Co., (W)Va – 1908 Preston Co., WV – his great-great-grandson has taken a YDNA37 test and matches on 35 of 37 markers with a male Goff (see below). On atDNA, the two Goff males do not match. These two fact point to a shared lineage five to 13 generations into the past, or 150 to 400 years ago. Four of this participant’s 10 YDNA matches are to men with the Friend surname, including the top match at 36/37.
  • William Pierson Goff 1854 Fayette Co., PA – 1904 Fayette Co., PA – a grandson took the YDNA37 test. He has five matches, including a 33/37 match to the Friend who is top match for the George W. Goff descendant above.


Since the two men lack an autosomal DNA match, it seems that they independently have received Friend YDNA. The Preston Co., WV heritage and atDNA matching to people with Goff and Carrico ancestry suggests that in each case, a female Goff descendant of James Goff and Catherine D. Goff had a son and gave him the Goff surname.


The George W. Goff participant should upgrade to YDNA111 to further refine the Friend lineage from which he descends. In addition, this participant should expand atDNA testing to as many platforms as possible.