This family originated in the United States, most likely in SC or Tennessee.


Two descendants of James Monroe Goff 1857 White Co., TN – 1938 Dekalb Co., TN, through two of his sons, Charlie Clay Goff b. 1895 TN and Lanis Franklin Goff b. 1909 TN were confirmed as having a shared paternal ancestry by YSNP matching. The descendant of Charlie Clay Goff has taken a Big Y 700 test. The Lanis Franklin Goff has taken an AncestryDNA test. YSNPs were extracted from the AncestryDNA test and a match was found on the R-Z346 YSNP. Although this YSNP formed 2800 years ago, geography and a shared paper trail confirm the match.


The founder of this family was Nancy Goff b 1810 SC. Nancy had two sons, James Madison Goff and Frank Goff, who was the father of James Monroe Goff b. 1857 TN. A descendant of James Madison Goff has taken a YDNA test and does not match the two descendants of James Monroe Goff.


YDNA testing of additional descendants of James Madison Goff will help sort out the early generations of this family. One possibility is that Nancy Goff had her sons James Madison Goff and Frank Goff by different men.