The Goff Gough Family Association is an organization offering information of a genealogical nature to its members and interested researchers.  The Goff Gough Family Association was formed in 1982 to stimulate an interest in the history of the Goff Gough families and their descendants, to establish a records center to assist members with their research, to promote projects that will further the research of the Goff Gough families and their descendants, and to encourage communication among descendants doing research on Goff Gough family lines. 


Members of the GGFA Executive Council are listed below. Operating Year: January – December 2021


Leslie Goff

A grade-school assignment to document my family tree got me firing on all cylinders. The interviews to be done, the stories to be uncovered, all in pursuit of a question I was considering for the first time: Who are we? My dad was from Arkansas County in southeastern Arkansas. The area had seen an influx of German families in the 1800s, so he reckoned we were German. He didn’t have any people to tell us otherwise, and his conclusions were logical. I named my first dog, a dachshund, in honor of our heritage: Wilhelm von Goff (aka Willy). In junior high, a book arrived. It traced the ancestry of Daddy’s paternal grandmother and revealed that we, along with several generations of Goff cousins, descended from her union with John M. Goff. His two-line bio described him only as a farmer, born 1851, death unknown. It neither confirmed nor disproved we were German. Fast-forward some 40 years, and I set out to find John M. Goff’s original German ancestors. And I found our "oh so logical" conclusions were "oh so wrong". My GGF was the son of George Washington Goff, son of Malakiah Goff. Discovering the GGFA’s YDNA project put to rest the notion my family’s Goff ancestry is German; it’s Native American. But Malakiah’s origins remain up for debate, and John M.’s fate remains elusive. Genealogy still has me firing on all cylinders.

Vice President

Andrew Gough

I live with my wife Ruth, just outside of Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, England. I have two grown up children, both of whom have now left home. Recently, we now have the addition of a grandson in the family. I am retired after having worked for many years in the Social Care profession. I have been a Member of the GGFA since 2013. I submitted a DNA sample in 2011 and, through this sample closed the 300-year gap between the Goffs and Goughs by having a distant ancestor, but not descended from, Anthony Goffe c1648-1727 of Rehoboth, MA. I hit a brick wall in my tree with a William Gough (my 5 x g grandfather) b 1723 in Upper Heyford, Oxfordshire, UK. This brick wall was finally shattered in 2013, when another distant cousin from the same line matched several markers of mine linking us back to a common ancestor Richard Gough b 1656 in Souldern, Oxfordshire, UK. This line goes back further to a John Gough c1410 also from Oxfordshire. I became interested in family history in 2004. I ran a website for a couple of years, offering my services as a researcher to help others in completing their family trees and restoring their ancestor photographs. At one time, I also worked as a researcher, with a family tree company in assisting to find other peoples’ ancestors. In my spare time, there is nothing more I relish and sometimes find invariably challenging than going into record offices and discovering illusive ancestors and any information I can obtain on them.


Maureen Pierce

I held office a couple of decades ago. I have been interested in genealogy since I was a teenager making ancestral charts on Roman and Greek Gods from the encyclopedia. GGFA introduced me to my dear cousin and fellow board member, Ed Goff.  Years later I was able to work with Ed and Phil Goff on trying to establish their Goff lines out of West Tennessee. With Phil's help and the miracle of DNA, we learned they weren't Goffs biologically, but Barlows. I live near Phoenix with her husband and three boys and enjoy in my other passion of quilting


Phil Goff

I joined the GGFA in 2005, but became intrigued by family years earlier when I watched Roots on TV. In 2003, Roy L. Lockhart and I co-authored The Four Goff Brothers of Western Virginia, which won the National Genealogical Society’s Award for Excellence: Genealogy and Family History. In 2004, I helped to pioneer the field of genetic genealogy by launching the Goff/Gough Surname DNA Study. Along the way, I have been quoted in Newsweek, US Today and the National Genealogical Society Magazine on the genetic genealogy revolution. I have also published articles in the Journal of Genetic Genealogy and Journal of One-Name Studies. I am the father of five children. My wife and I live in Davidson, NC with our two young children.


Denise Wells

I have been interested in my family history since I was in high school.  My mother was from Pennsylvania and my father was from Georgia.  He was in the Marine Corps so we moved periodically, but never lived close to family and I always wanted to know who “these people” were and how I was related to them.  When we visited, I asked lots of questions and wrote down the answers because I might not see “these people” for a couple more years.

Before everything was online, my career took me to Washington, DC where I had access to records at the National Archives and the DAR.  In one of the libraries, I found the GGFA newsletter!  I’ve been a member ever since, probably 1997.  I have attended four Gatherings:  Williamsburg, Annapolis, Nashville and Little Rock.

My DNA story is featured in the July 2018 GGFA newsletter.  Bottom line:  I have a new first cousin and my great-grandfather Gauf/Goff probably descended from a Carter!  Thanks, Phil for your invaluable assistance in understanding and interpreting DNA results!

Newsletter Editor

Sherri Manker

I joined the G/G Family Association in 2008 in hopes of finding the father of my 3rd Great Grandfather.  I have been hunting my ancestors from IN to the east coast since the early 1970's in grave yards and county court houses and love doing it.  My blood line is 3rd Great Grandfather William Goff who married Mary "Polly" Oliver in 1803 in Wentworth, Rockingham County, NC.   My grandmother’s maiden name was:   Cintilla M. Goff.  A direct male descendant of William Goff had his Y-DNA tested.  We match no Goff’s in the database, but are a very close match to the Gilliland Family.  That’s okay with me since they were all Goff’s from William’s presumed mother Nancy Goff until now.  That’s about 240 years of Goff’s!

Website Manager

Bob Inhoff

I became the webmaster for the Goff/Gough Family Association in the summer of 2012. I have been a member of the GGFA since 2004. My father’s mother was Ina “Bessie” Goff, a fifth generation Goff in Ohio. Her great-grandfather was Rev. Abner Goff, who came to Licking County, Ohio from Rutland County, Vermont in 1813 and served as a Methodist Circuit Rider for more than 30 years. This line comes from Anthony Goff in Swansea and Rehoboth, MA.

Interestingly in the Fall of 2015 I discovered that my father was adopted, meaning that my connection to the Goff family is through my dad’s family of nurture. I am retired and live in Vero Beach, FL.

At Large Member

Rick Goff

I was born and raised in Little Rock, Arkansas and graduated from Hall High School in 1962. I attended the University of Arkansas and graduated in 1969 with a degree in business. I had several jobs including J C Penney’s during my early years.  My last endeavors were home builder until 1985 and I then started Goff Distribution, a public warehousing business that I still have today.

I have 5 sons, 14 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren. My older 3 sons are  by my first wife and my youngest 2 are with my lovely bride of 40 + years, Linda. I have a brother, Robert M. Goff, Jr. and a sister, Julie Allen, both living in Little Rock. My brother has 2 daughters and I jokingly tell him I had to keep up the Goff name with all of my boys. My sister has 2 boys.

My family has two notable points of interest. One is my great uncle, Omajean “Gene” Goff who started the corn dog idea by baking cornbread in a double cast iron pan with a hotdog in the middle. We’ve got the cast iron molds to show for it. The second is another great uncle, Norris “Tuffy” Goff who portrayed Abner Peabody of Lum and Abner fame on radio and in film.

My interest and hobbies include shooting, building with wood, restoring 2 VW Things which were duplicates of World War 2 German Jeeps.  And for my wife, I built, plumbed, installed heat and A/C, and wired a work shop for my cars. My wife was uncertain of my wiring abilities so she requested a licensed electrician complete the hook up to our house.  It worked and works fine. One VW Thing is red for our University of Arkansas Razorbacks and the other is purple for my wife (it’s my favorite color).

My father started a family history many years ago and added another’s research to his studies. The two lines don’t jive as I’ve discovered through my dna results.  Philip has told me to not despair! He’s helping me be an optimist.

At Large Member

Mike Gough

I have been a member of the G/G Association since 2005 and was the G/G Association VicePresident and President from 2005-2015. I grew up in Evansville, IN. I’ve been married 44 years to Karen (Angermeier) Gough. I am the father of 3 children and Grandfather of 7 grandchildren. I descend from Stephen Gough and Mary Tattershall who are my 7th great grandparents through both sons, Benjamin and James. Stephen and Mary arrived in St. Mary’s County, MD respectively about 1665 and 1648. They are the progenitors of most of the Maryland and Kentucky Catholic Goughs. Today their descendants are found in large concentrations in MD, KY, and coast to coast locations. My 4th Great-grandparents were Charles and Mary (Maiden Name Unknown) Gough who arrived in Washington County, KY about 1790. My father was Thomas Sherman Gough from Union County, KY. I grew up in Evansville, IN but I currently live in Vicksburg, MS. I retired from the U.S. Air Force in 1992 after 22 years of service. I am a Computer Scientist by education and experience, but I spent the majority of my Air Force career in aircraft and weapons systems test and evaluation: FB-111, B52, B1B and B2 strategic bombers. Following my A.F. career I worked for Boeing on the Army RAH-66 Comanche helicopter development program. I concluded my working career as a manager in the DoD High Performance Computer Program. In addition to the St. Mary’s County families, I also research Virginia families through the Cralles of Northumberland County, Va. Through the Cralles, I am related to the Rodham, Matthew, Ball, Kenner, Fox, Washington, and associated families of Virginia. I am George Washington’s first and half-second cousin.

At Large Member

Dave Goff

I am a retired 4-H Agent. I descend from Peter Goffe of Dedham, County of Essex, England twelve generations back. My favorite ancestor to research has been my Confederate ancestor, Jeptha Lewis Goff of Lynchburg, Virginia. In 2015, my family traveled to Dedham and attempted unsuccessfully to locate church records on my Goffe ancestors. Future plans include searching the Goff LDS records for further documentation and sources from their research.

At Large Member

Tori Goff

I became interested in genealogy because both of my grandmothers did genealogical research, and I found it fascinating.  Neither one of them had researched my grandfather Goff's line very far though, and so I decided to see how far I could go with it.  Through careful research of censuses and other documents I was able to reach back to Ohio, and then Virginia, and found myself one of the descendants of the 4 Goff Brothers of West Virginia.  I am a descendant of John Turton Goff, born around 1738.

I enjoy doing family research, and now with DNA research, it is even more fascinating.  I have 5 kids, went back to school in my 40's and got a degree in physics, and now I am a public school teacher.  I enjoy gardening, traveling, composing music, and watching movies with my kids.  I am a veteran, love animals and most people.


At Large Member

Jennifer Alvarez

My family history research began after reading a newspaper article in the Los Angeles Times about a set of twins celebrating their 100th birthday.  Come to find out, they were my cousins!  That has led to a multitude of unraveling family mysteries through the use of autosomal DNA, y-DNA, and traditional research.  The best mystery was when I discovered that my third great-grandfather was not really born a Reynolds, but a Goff.  In addition to genealogy, I teach elementary aged children.  My husband Paul and I have two sons and we live in Rancho Cucamonga, California.

Constitution and Bylaws of the Goff/Gough Family Association