This family likely originated in England.


The first proven reference to this family is in what is now King and Queen Co., VA in 1658: “I Samuel Mathews . . . grant unto William Goffe one thousand acres of land situate in the County of New Kent on the northeast side of Mattapony River, and on the South West side of Whorecock Swamp. . . .”

William Goffe had a son Thomas Goff, who had sons John b. ca. 1695 VA and Thomas b. ca. 1726 VA. John’s descendants are distinguished by marker DYS390=25 and the Goff surname spelling while Thomas’ descendants have DYS390=24 and use the Gough spelling.

There are two branches lacking a paper trail, but geography and genetics make it likely they descend from William Goffe. Isham Goff was born ca. 1810 SC He married Sarena McBride (c1813 GA – bef 1860) on 21 January 1831 in Rhea Co., TN. With a descendant having DYS390=25 and using the Goff spelling, Isham Goff was most likely a descendant of John Goff b. 1695 VA. The second family is that of Ellis Gough was born 1825 KY. With the Gough spelling and DYS390=24, he was likely a descendant of Thomas Goff b. ca. 1726 VA.


Goff/DYS390=25 and Gough/DYS390=24 are helpful markers to connect lineages with brick walls.


Big Y 700 testing, or at least YDNA111, is strongly encouraged in order to reconstruct the family tree.