Our latest issue of Goffs/Goughs: Their Ancestors and Descendants:

Table of Contents -Fall 2021

Message from the Web Master -Bob InhoffPage 64
Meet your Council MembersPage 65
Meet Bryan Goff   – Denise Lindsey WellsPage 67
From Down Under – Thomas and Charlotte Gough and
Their Family – Their Family on the Move ...by Meriel Johansen
Page 67
The Real Story of the Shoot-out at Benson Goff’s Store –
by Roy Lockhart
Page 70
The Hiram Goff Story …by Jacquie Berzins  Page 72
From Across the Pond — Obituary – Joan Goff – by Cecelia Dodd Page 75
Obituary: Paul Gilbert Slater – by Carol Jansons  Page 75
Research Material – Patriots of War of 1812 – by Carol JansonsPage 76
Gleaned from Facebook – Colonel John GoffePage 79
Messages from the Editor . . .
– ContributorsPage 80
– Welcome New MembersPage 80
– Editor’s NotePage 81

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Fall 2021

Fall 2021

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