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Thanks for visiting the Goff-Gough Family Association website. We are a global organization for all who have an interest in Goff-Gough family history, including all variant spellings of the surname (Goffe, Gaugh, Gawf, Gogh, and others). The majority of our association members come from the U.S., Canada, the U.K., Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand. Over 30 genetically distinct Gough/Goff families are known and more discovered every year.

With over 850 GGFA subscribers and Facebook members, the GGFA is the destination for Goff/Gough genealogists worldwide. To become a member, please visit the Membership Page.

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The work of the Goff-Gough Family Association is accomplished solely by volunteers.  Over the past forty years, we have been enriched by those who have found joy in being part of a team engaged in researching, organizing, preserving, and sharing parts of our GGFA stories.   We invite you to join the team.

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