Our second GGFA Virtual Gathering was held on Saturday, September 25, 2021 with 35 members from 3 continents participating. The main sessions and conversations were recorded. The breakout rooms were not recorded. The event was divided into seven recordings, reflecting the parts of the agenda. (There are brief title slides at the beginning of each section.)

Gathering and Welcome (15:58)

“Origins of the Goff-Gough Surnames in the UK” – Norman Gough (42:00)

Norman examined the supposed origins of the name Gough from goch, the Welsh word for “red”, and show the spread of the name along the borders between Wales and England. He took the example of Sir Matthew Gough for whom he has discovered more than 500 descendants. Examples were presented of large family branches in Gloucestershire, Staffordshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, and Ireland, and he looked at the possibility of discovering more about Gough/Goffs who left Britain to settle in other countries.

Q & A with Norman Gough (12:55)

Continuing Conversation (24:15)

(Breakout groups not recorded)

“Overview of our new GGFA Website Full Text Search Feature” – Bob Inhoff, GGFA Webmaster (7:01)

Bob presented an overview of searching options for the vast content of our GGFA website and archives, demonstrating features available to members and the enhanced search features available to Research Members with the new Full Text Search function.

Q & A and Conversation (4:45)

Instant Goff/Gough Family Tree” presented by Phil Goff, GGFA DNA Coordinator, Davidson, NC (24:50)

Phil led us in an exploration of how our AncestryDNA, 23andme or MyHeritage Autosomal DNA kit can instantly connect us to one of the 30+ known Goff/Gough genetic families. He also led a Q&A with participants about the GGFA DNA Study.

Q&A and Closing Conversations (9:25)