This genetic family includes a Gough family in Lancashire, England and a McGough/McGuff family Galway, Ireland.


YDNA testing establishes that the Gough family of Lancashire, England and McGuff family of County Galway, Ireland are branches of the same family, but the precise connection is murky.

The earliest known ancestor of the Lancashire Gough family is James Gough (b. 1660 Lancashire, England d. 1742). He had a son John Gough (1686–1737), who was a Quaker. John’s children included James Gough (1712 Westmorland Co., England – 1780 Co. Cork, Ireland) and John Gough (1720 Westmorland Co., England -1791 Co. Antrim, Ireland). John Gough, a religious writer and schoolmaster, migrated about 1740 to Ireland to take charge of the Quaker school at Cork established by his brother James. John lived in many places in Ireland, including County Offaly, County Laois, Dublin, County Antrim, Munster and Leinster. John Gough died in Lisburn in 1791.

A branch of the County Galway McGough/McGuff family migrated to America. Between 1893 and 1897, John McGuff (1837-1904) and wife Honora Kilgariff of Tuam, County Galway, Ireland migrated to Bangor, ME, US via Boston, MA. Son Patrick Gough (1874-1937) remained in Boston and used the Gough spelling while his parents and siblings moved on to Bangor, ME used the McGuff spelling.


The English Gough family from Lancashire migrated in the mid-1700s to Ireland to establish and run Quaker schools, opening the possibility that the McGough family descended from a male Gough of Lancashire. However, YDNA matching points to a shared ancestor ca. 1600, prior to the establishment of the Quaker schools in Ireland.


Big Y 700 testing of the Lancashire Gough family would help in understanding the connection to the County Galway family, which has one Big Y 700 result.