This family may have originated in England.


Edward Goff was born 1802 – 1805 in VA. His 1873 marriage license with his second wife states that he was born in Tazewell Co., VA, which was formed in 1800 from Russell, Wythe, Washington Counties, VA. When Edward’s son Martin died in 1914, the death certificate listed his parents as Neda Goff and Isabell Coleman, both born in Pike County. In addition to Pike County not existing at the time of his parents’ births, numerous cross-outs of the parents’ names on the certificate hints at the inaccuracy of this information. According to the 1880 census, Edward’s parents were born in VA.

Edward Goff was in Pike Co., KY by 1823 when he married Isabella Coleman. Edward likely lived in Pike Co., KY from about age 21 until his death. Edward Goff was enumerated in the 1880 census on 10 June 1880. This is the last known record of his life. When his second wife, Mary (Brown) Goff died on 28 February 1916, her marital status was listed as “widow.” As a point of interest, she lived to be almost 85 1/2 and, according to her death certificate, “never took a dose of medicine in her life.”

A couple named John and Mary Goff/Gough are candidates for the parents of Edward Goff. John Goff lived in Wythe Co., VA ca. 1790 – 1798, in Russell Co., VA 1799 – 1809 and in Floyd Co., KY ca. 1810 – at least 1816. He was married to Mary from at least 1798 through at least 1805. In 1821, Pike Co., KY was formed from Floyd Co., KY. What is known of Edward Goff’s origins align with the known facts for John and Mary Goff.


The origin of this family is unknown. The haplogroup is of European origin, but no Goff or Gough families other than descendants of Edward Goff are known to have this haplotype.


As with many Goff/Gough genetic families, the best chance to extend the lineage is through encouragement of Gough/Goff males in GB to take a YDNA37 test.