This family originated in Tennessee in the United States.


Family tradition holds that Levander Polk Goff, who was raised by Ambrose (b. ca 1832 TN) and Mary Goff, was an orphan taken in by the Goff family.

Ambrose Goff, grandson of Ambrose Goff (b. 1766 VA) of the New Kent Co., VA Goff family, was single and living in Warren Co., TN in 1850. In 1860 he was in Cannon Co., TN, married and with Polk Goff, age 6, in his household.


Umbrella haplogroup J-M267 is uncommon among men of European origin. Given the Goff orphan story, the high YDNA match and the rarity of the DNA haplogroup, it seems likely that Levander Polk Goff was born a Brock and adopted by the Goff family. The Levander Goff descendant has DYS640=11. This matches the mutation that through triangulation of descendant results happened at the birth of Amon Brock b. 1788, son of Jesse Brock b. 1751. DYS640 is a slowly-mutating marker.


This analysis would benefit from atDNA testing to narrow the possible candidates for the father of Levander Polk Goff.