This Gough family originated in the United States.


The two youngest sons of James Thomas Gouge (b. 1876 TN) changed their surname from Gouge to Gough when enlisting in the military during WWII. A grandson of James Thomas Gouge noted “I suppose my father and uncle just did not want to mess with trying to change their social security and naval records and left the name spelling as [Gough].”


The evolution of the surname was Gooch to Googe to Gouge and then in the 1940s to Gough. The Gouge family of the Unicoi Co., TN matches many Gooch males at 34/37 or 33/37. The grandson of James Thomas Gouge wrote: “There are at least nine different ways of pronouncing the name, and several more of spelling it.” The surname of John W. Gouge (b. 1833 NC) of Unicoi Co., TN evolved in census records:

1860 Yancey Co., NC: John Googe

1870 Carter Co., TN: John W. Gouge

1880 & 1900 Unicoi Co., TN: John W. Gouge

Unicoi Co., TN is adjacent to Yancey Co., NC and Carter Co., TN. A descendant of Joel Gouge, son of John Gouge (d. 1820 NC) and brother to Thomas Gouge, wrote “All of the Gough and Gouge families from East Tennessee and Western NC pronounce the name like Gooch.”


The precise date and circumstances of the adoption of the Gough surname is known. Therefore, there are no suggestions for additional DNA testing.