• Blog content – either write one or more short articles, or select items from Facebook page or Newsletter archive. The best format for input is “Rich Text” (without all of the Word formatting).
  • Q&A – identify key questions we should include – and draft answers
  • Proofread website content for spelling – grammar, suggest additions
  • Additions? Are there areas where we need to prioritize content?
  • Stock Photo Selection You can see that our website is enhanced by the selective use of photos to reinforce our messages. Since we do not want to infringe on copyrights, we plan to build a small library of appropriate stock photos. One attractive package is to subscribe for 1 month for 30 photos. Help us identify the 30 photos we should select – for our current and near-future needs.

Beta Testing

  • Register as a new user. During the testing period our credit card processor provides special credit card numbers to test process. Evaluate the experience. Help us refine the feedback messages as well as the confirmation emails. Which emails should we send. Revise? Eliminate?
  • As you are testing, identify areas for which instructions or prompts would be helpful.

Policy – especially GDPR

  • Review our Privacy Policy along with some more detailed examples we will provide. (Our new software is very tuned to compliance). Give feedback and suggestions.


  • Help us develop a plan to promote the new brand identity (logo,etc) to our publics (members, former members, Facebook group, etc.)
  • How do we role out the website to our current members – details such as resetting passwords, orientation?
  • I am thinking about offering a Zoom orientation (which could be recorded). Training videos will be an option.

Subscriber’s Experience

With our new website we will be able to have a subscriber or prospect list. They will be able to opt-in to a periodic, brief GGFA News Update (email bulletin). This could also go to all current members. We could offer them access to some free areas (an interesting blog post, an excerpt of a newsletter article, the Table of Contents of the current newsletter, etc.). New member promotion. etc. This could be a two step process – subscribe to the bulletin mailing list. Then invite them to register with a password – to be able to access a bit more free content on website – such as a query section of the Forum.

  • Help us think through the who and what. Identify content items for first couple of bulletins.

New Member On-Boarding Experience

  • The new membership application gives us much more flexibility regarding what (and when) we send to new members in an automated way.
  • Content of first welcome email
  • Follow up email with a link to a welcome video and/or video of guided tour of website.
  • Another follow-up email (period? 2 weeks?) “Do you have any questions?”
  • Help us select steps and develop messages.


  • Help to define an intentional plan (Opportunities, Messaging, Recognition, etc) to invite Members and friends of GGFA to support our mission.

Website Team Building

If you can use Microsoft Word to create a document or post to our GGFA Facebook group, you can rather quickly learn how perform essential Website functions such as adding posts, editing pages, etc.

  • Volunteer to be a part of the team
  • Identify others in our Membership or Facebook groups who could offer valuable skills
  • Identify roles and training needs