If you joined before we launched our new website in June 2021, your previous membership was transferred to our new website. All of these memberships have a renewal date of December 31.

The new website offers a convenient “Auto-Renewal”. This will allow you to set up your subscription to renew automatically each year.

To complete the conversion of all the subscriptions to our new website, all pre-2021 members will need to take action to continue their memberships.

What do you need to do?

There are two steps:

  • Select one of our new membership plans:
    • Member
    • Research Member
  • Select a payment preference
    • Credit Card
    • PayPal
    • Check

Most members are now choosing the convenience of securely paying by PayPal or Credit Card. These options allow your subscription to be set up to renew automatically each year.

Ready to Begin?

Click the option below that best describes your situation?

If you joined GGFA before June 2021 and you need to update your membership plan:

Login to your Account Page and then click on the Subscription Tab.

Your subscription tab may look like this:

Membership transferred from previous website
  1. TO SELECT A NEW PLAN, click on CHANGE PLAN at the far right of the subscription box– see image above.
  2. There will be a drop down menu with two options:
    • Member
    • Research Member

3. Select the plan you want and click the blue SELECT PLAN button. (Note -this picture was taken on November 15, meaning that, including this day, there are 46 days remaining in the year –until your current plan expires.) There is a nominal proration fee of $11 and then an annual recurring charge for the renewal starting on 1/1/2022.

  • Make sure your information is current
  • Select your payment preference
    • PayPal and Credit Card Options will be available when you update your plan on the Payment Page.
      • Both of these Options support Auto-Renewal.
    • Check – A Check Payment type Cannot be set up for Auto-Renewal
      • Click on Pay by Check to download renewal form
      • Complete the Membership Application Form and mail it with your check to the address provided on the form.

Click the button to download the Pay-by-Check form:

1 This is a one-time proration change created by the system. In some cases, there is no charge.

Already Upgraded My Plan

Login to your Account Page and then click on the Subscription Tab.

If you joined GGFA from the old website. and have already upgraded your subscription on the new website, (for example, to the new RESEARCH MEMBER level), your subscription tab may look like this:

Transferred member who has upgraded to the RESEARCH MEMBER plan

How to read: On August 25 [1] the member upgraded to the Research Member [2] plan. The subscription expires on December 31, 2021 [3]. The ENABLED [4]] label means that auto-renewal feature is turned on. The subscription will be automatically rebilled on the Next Billing Date [3] to the payment method previously used.

No Further Action is needed – You are all set to Auto Renew!

If you need any help, please contact us at webmaster@goff-gough.com.