Today we highlight the US National Archives. While the search feature on the home page covers the vast holdings of the Archives, there is a Resource Guide for Genealogists at the link below. Using the About the National Archives Catalog | National Archives link, we can find thousands of original and compiled records for our Goff-Gough ancestors. These include many pension records for ancestors who served in the Revolutionary War.

This record, for example, is a Petition for Naturalization from 1920 for David Gough, a fisherman from Yarmouth, Nova Scotia who was now living in Arlington, Massachusetts.

Another find was this article “Ancestors from the West Indies, A Historical and Genealogical Overview of Afro-Caribbean Immigration, 1900–1930s.” which uses the records of Enos Gough as an example. You can find this article at Ancestors from the West Indies: A Historical and Genealogical Overview of Afro-Carribbean Immigration, 1900-1930s (

Petition for Naturalization – David Gough 1920

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