by Robin Jacobi, GGFA Newsletter Editor

re GGFA Family: 1658 Goffe/Gough/Goff (US-VA-KQN) R-FT3673671

If you belong to this branch of the family, then this article might interest you. In the early to mid 1800’s, a branch of the Goff family migrated to Grant City, IA. The family story recounts that Lisbon and Ludwell Goff and a friend traveled west to look for land. One night they stopped for the night at a farmhouse near Grant City. They asked the farmer if there was any good available farmland in the vicinity. Since the farmer didn’t know them, he told them “no”, but allowed them to sleep overnight in the barn.

The next morning after discussions at breakfast, he told them that he thought they were upstanding citizens and that there was land available nearby. Lisbon received his land grant in Dec 1859. Ludwell received his in Apr 1860. They first establish a homestead on a branch of the Grand River and sent for their mother, Nancy Harrison Goff, and other family members.

The homestead was the site of annual Goff reunions for many years until it was razed several years ago due to the encroachment of the river. Worth County and the surrounding counties became populate with Goffs and their related families through marriage. If you visit Honey Grove Cemetery not far from the old homestead, there are rows and rows of headstones dedicated to the Goffs and related families. Many Goffs can also be found at the Tent Chapel Cemetery, Redding, Ringgold County, IA. Check them out on

1This refers to the family group in the GGFA DNA Study. Paid GGFA members can access more about this family by following this link.

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